Eka Mining Solutions is an upcoming mining solutions provider for the mining, drilling and construction industry in India. Our service ranges from design, manufacture and supply of dust suppression systems, chemicals, mine drilling rigs, pumps, spray nozzles and dust monitoring systems. We also offers mining drilling services to our customers.

Supply of Drilling equipments for expolaration.

Dust suppression and control products like chemicals and system supply, installation and commissioning

Spray Nozzle supply catering to specific needs of the process

Our Portfolio

Our range of product and service includes the following items

Dust Suppression System

EKA MINING SOLUTIONS, dust suppression system consultants and expert, designs and manufactures Dust suppression cannons and Dust suppression systems and based out of Nagpur, India. we provide dust suppression systems solution and air pollution control equipments in India.

Dust Suppression Chemicals

Non-toxic and eco-friendly, DUST SUPPRESSION CHEMICALS can suppress up to 95% of dust without causing damage to the environment and people’s health. Used on haul roads, Dust suppression chemicals preserves and often improves the wearing layer of the road after multiple applications.

Dust Monitor System

DUST MONITOR is a Continuous Air Particulate Monitoring system to measure the concentration of dust particulates in the ambient air.  By using external modules one can also monitor meteorological parameters like wind speed, wind direction to identify PM dispersion and impact of dust levels in a vicinity. It helps the effectiveness of the dust suppression systems.

Mining Drilling Machines and Rigs

We provide mining drilling machines and Mining rigs mounted on crawlers and Trucks. Our Machines offer unmatched value to our borewells operators. Our mining rigs offer excellent performance and longevity of the spares. 

Dust Control Systems

Eka Mining Solutions promises to provide complete and integrated dust control management solutions that have been proven to increase productivity and safety, unlock cost efficiencies for your operation and benefit the environment. This “one-stop” dust management shop delivers the most operationally sound and cost-effective solutions across your entire site.

Pumps For Mining Industry

Supplier of heavy duty mining and industrial pumps from Internationa and other Leading brands of pumps including Interpump, Annovi Reverberi, Ebara and many other pumps.. These pumps used for mine dewatering are submersible centrifugal pumps (pump and motor in one unit, all submerged underwater), submersible turbines (pump and motor installed in a well or cooling sleeve and submerged), and vertical turbines.

Spray Nozzles for Mining Industry

Mining spray nozzles from Eka Mining Solutions are designed as per standards and lasts longer operations. Manufacturer of various nozzles for mining industry meeting the industry standards.


Eka Mining Solutions is a leading service and solutions provider for mining and construction industry in India. Our service ranges from supply of dust suppression systems, chemicals, mine drilling rigs, pumps, spray nozzles and dust monitoring systems

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