We are one of the growing manufacturers of Industrial, Commercial and Agricultural spray nozzles in India and distributed all over the globe.

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At Ekaminingsolutions, We manufacture wide range of spray Nozzles for commercial and industrial purposes. Our customers include the engineering, Coal Mine, Power, Dust Suppression, food processing, chemical and petrochemical companies in South India. Whether big or small our customers can rely upon our combined experience to ensure the correct nozzle is selected no matter the application.

All our products are sourced from high quality suppliers but what our customers really value is our technical expertise. We make any spray application project ensuring that correct product selection is simple and hassle free. Also we can normally match nozzles from our ranges with those of competitors.

What Are Industrial Spray Nozzles?

A spray nozzle is a precision device that facilitates the dispersion of liquid into a spray. Nozzles are used for three purposes: to distribute a liquid over an area, to increase liquid surface area, and create impact force on a solid surface. A wide variety of spray nozzle applications use a number of spray characteristics to describe the spray.

Spray nozzles can be categorized based on the energy input used to cause atomization, the breakup of the fluid into drops. Spray nozzles can have one or more outlets; a multiple outlet nozzle is known as a compound nozzle. Spray nozzles range from heavy duty industrial uses to light duty spray cans or spray bottles.

As Part Of The Selection Process We Regularly Advise Customers On:

  • Achieving the optimum drop size for your application
  • Spray coverage
  • Flow rates
  • How different fluids affect spray characteristics
  • How gas flows will affect spray patterns
  • Nozzle material selection

Our Range Of Products Includes
Jet Nozzle
Flat Fan nozzles
Water curtain Nozzles
Dust Suppression nozzle
Full Cone Nozzle
Hollow cone nozzle
Mist Nozzle
Fog Nozzle
Spiral Nozzle
Mist Nozzle
Air Atomizing Nozzles
Tank Mixing Eductors
Bottle Washing Nozzle
Fire Suppression Nozzle
Tank Cleaning Nozzle
Pipe Cleaning Nozzle
Tap Nozzle
High Pressure Mist Nozzle
Low Pressure Mist Nozzle
Tank Cooling Nozzle
Cooling Tower Nozzle