Dust Suppression Chemicals Manufacturer and Supplier in India

EKA MINING SOLUTIONS has the best solution to solve fugitive dust on haul roads and stockpiles. CMS provides unique multi-purpose range of dust suppression chemicals that effectively combats dust.

Eco-friendly dust suppression solution

Non-toxic and eco-friendly, CMS dust suppression chemicals can suppress up to 95% of dust without causing damage to the environment and people’s health. Used on haul roads, CMS preserves and often improves the wearing layer of the road after multiple applications.

CMS is also good for the environment in the way that it reduces the overall water usage for dust suppression, leading to fewer trips and less fuel consumption.

The consequences of fugitive dust

An increased focus on occupational lung diseases by safety authorities around the world, even in third-world countries, puts pressure on businesses to provide effective dust control systems. 

The issue of fugitive dust on haul roads and for stockpiles is an important occupational safety issue for business operators as it presents unique challenges.

Uncontrolled high and wide clouds of dust affect visibility, damage equipment, slow down work and present a safety hazard to staff. Harmful dust particles such as silica may lead to serious occupational lung diseases such as silicosis, pneumoconiosis and even lung cancer.

The Benefits Of Dust Suppression Chemicals

A robust solution in occupational health and safety

Dust suppression and control Chemicals reduces up to 80% of respirable dust (less than +50mm)
Provides a safe working environment through effective control of respiratory hazards
Converts fine dust particles (more than +50mm) into lumps
Improves road condition through dust lumps creating a more compact, smoother surface
Doesn’t damage the wearing layer of the road
Doesn’t result in overwatering or mud formation, maintaining safe road conditions.

Cost savings

Dust suppression and control Chemicals minimises water usage by up to 80%, as less spraying is required
Minimises diesel usage by up to 80%, as fewer trips are needed
Can reduce your vehicle fleet
Increase in lifespan of tyres, lubricants and spare parts due to clean environment
Increased life span of water tankers and their parts as it’s non-corrosive
Increased overall productivity and lower maintenance costs.

Eco-friendly dust suppression solution

Dust suppression and control Chemicals is applied as an effective dust suppression solution on haul roads, stockpiles, mineral stock yards, drilling areas, excavation sites, bulk material handling sites, crusher house transfer points, waste dump yards, fly ash handling sites, storage facilities, loading terminals and demolition sites.

Dust suppression and control Chemicals acts as an effective dust suppression solution in the following industries:

• Mining
• Quarries
• Ports
• Rail
• Civic
• Infrastructure/engineering
• Agriculture
• Transport