We design, manufacture and supply various Spiral spray nozzles generally made of Stainless Steel, Brass, PVC, PP and various other material as per customer requirement. Features of the Spiral Design: Atomization is achieved by the water shearing along the turns of the spiral. Gives finest droplet size of any direct pressure nozzle. Designed for droplet size, not evenness of pattern. No internal parts.

Sprial spray nozzles are generally used in the application which requires large liquid flow at low pumping pressure and 360 degree full cone coverage. Spray angle ranges from 60° to 180° with unobstructed flow passage whcih minimize clogging potenetial.


Spiral Spray Nozzle


Spray nozzles are precision components designed to yield very specific performance under specific conditions determine the best nozzle type for your application.

Two types of spray patterns are available

  • Spiral full cone nozzle
  • Spiral hollow cone spray nozzle.