Spray Nozzle for Mining
Manufacturers and supplier of spray nozzles for mining and construcion industry

Manufacturer of various types of Industrial Spray Nozzles for mining industry including full cone nozzles, hallow cone nozzles, mist nozzle for dust suppression. 

Fine Mist Spray Nozzle for Mining

A mist pattern is characterized by having a low flow rate of very small droplet sizes with almost no impact. Typically this pattern will be used for evaporation cooling, moistening or humidifying applications. A hydraulic nozzle will produce finer and finer droplets as liquid pressure is raised. So a nozzle that produces a mist at 5 bar pressure may well produce a fog spraying at 15 bar pressure. This means the term fog nozzle and misting nozzle are generally interchangeable as the same nozzle may well be able to produce both a mist or a fog depending on the operating pressure nozzle.

In Addition to High pressure misting nozzles, We also manufacture low pressure misting nozzle with Push fit connection. Low pressure push fit mist nozzles are available in 6 mm, 8 mm, 10mm and 12 mm connections.

Mining Spray Industry

Spray nozzles for Mining and construction industry