Dust Suppression and Control Spray System for haul roads in mines provides automated, Periodical and light watering of the road Mines to prevent dust lift off when the haul truck passes through. It does it without the high labour or equipment costs associated with water tankers. Haul road Dust Control System can be used in both underground and over the ground mining.

Haul roads and access roads are used extensively in mining operations by mobile equipment to move material in and out of the mining areas. The road network at a surface mine site can be lengthier and the possibility for dust generation is much higher creating areas of potentially high dust exposures. Overexposures to respirable dust can harm both equipment operators and workers in the vicinity of the road. The majority of the fugitive dust is generated through the forces of the wheels on the road surface and by the turbulence created by the vehicles. Around 85% of Dust particle size from haul truck emissions is >10 μm in diameter. An effective haul road dust suppression and control system strategy needs to be worked out during the construction of the road and during the mining and transport operations.

Greentron helps mine operators to install, commission and maitain haul road dust control and suppression systems. we can use combitaion of technologies like truck sprinklers and implementation of sprinklers systems using permanent tubes with rotating sprinklers with automated spray systesm.

• Fully automated operation
• Road widths up to 40 meters wide
• Can use most water types
• Single 4 core cable controls complete system
• Control system uses Extra Low Voltage
• Unlimited control system length
• Mining grade sprinklers and valves
• Reduce costs (minimal ongoing costs)
• High level of control of application rates and application frequencies
• Natural intermittent / spaced watering
• Easy integration with mine systems
• Can be easily extended or modified
• Can control the amount of water delivered by changing the run time of sprays
• Can easily change the system run frequency
• Can deliver different amounts of water on different parts of the haul road
• Day of week and hour of day variable control
• Integration with site  SCADA systems
• Sprays pause when vehicles pass
• Chemical dosing system integration to reduce water usage
• Solar powered control system

Dust Suppression Applications

Greentron is an growing dust suppression integrator helps overcome the challenge of creating safer roads and workplaces for people, industry and communities.

Our products also assist in making surfaces within mining, construction, infrastructure and farming projects stronger, longer lasting, as well as more cost-effective and environmentally responsible.

Dust Control Products

Specially formulated polymer-based dust control solutions not only prevent the generation of dust but also stabilize the treated surface.

They can be deployed quickly and easily, without any negative impacts on the environment and solve the problem of dust impacting on fruit, cropping, and feed viability in the horticultural and agricultural sectors.