EKAMININGSOLUTIONS is a manufacturer, supplier and integrators of truck and vehicle washing system in India. Truck wash systems are fully-automated or semi-automated, custom cleaning solutions for municipal or commercial vehicles. Our in-house design team works with you to create the best truck wash system to maximize efficiency while meeting the needs of your budget, space, and the shapes and sizes of your vehicles. Our truck wash systems include a drive-through automatic wash system, a roll-over wash system, a wheel, tire, and chassis wash system, or a combination of multiple systems.


Roll-Over Bus & Truck Wash System

To keep up the company image and quality of service, it is important for your fleet of vehicles to be impeccable at all times. This principle has led EKAMININGSOLUTIONS Clean India to create a whole range of solutions to put an end to the eternal drawbacks of manual washing for trucks and buses.

The main advantage Time and cost saving. The fact is that no wash system, manual or automatic can match the speed of EKAMININGSOLUTIONS Clean’s roll-overs. But to achieve maximum efficiency in the wash, you also need to offer a perfect finish. This is guaranteed by the experience, technology and know-how of EKAMININGSOLUTIONS Clean India.

The rollover system is available in three different types: 2-Brush operation, 3-Brush operation & High Pressure Brushless operation.

EKAMININGSOLUTIONS  solutions for transport professionals meet the demands of the sector perfectly, because they have been developed specifically for it and have been tested and proven by numerous uses all across India. We have created solutions for washing vehicles of different heights, special roll-overs for small fleets of trucks, others for entire bus depots. And they all come with state-of-art technology to guarantee the best results while leaving the vehicle paintwork and accessories in perfect condition.

Roll-Over Bus & Truck Wash System
Drive-Through Truck Wash System

Drive-Through Truck Wash System

Efficient, heavy-duty cleaning power perfect for large fleets with demanding wash cycles.EKAMININGSOLUTIONS drive-through washing systems use a combination of wash detergents, high-volume, low-pressure washing jets, and high-pressure washing jets in the wash bay to efficiently clean trucks of all shapes and sizes.

Choose between:

  • A completely brushless/ touchless system
  • A drive-through system coupled with a rollover wash system for an extra powerful clean.

It’s a safe and easy way to wash the various vehicles within your fleet using the least amount of water and chemicals.


Rollover & Gantry Truck Wash System

A highly customizable, effective fleet washing system perfect for both standard vehicle configurations and challenging vehicle shapes (e.g. garbage trucks). The EKAMININGSOLUTIONS Ultra Gantry System roll-over machine can be made with friction brushes, touchless spinners, or a combination of both. Customize your vehicle wash system with a variety of options including:

Choose between:

  • Spot-free rinse
  • Water recycling
  • Blowers
  • Undercarriage wash

Simply park your vehicle in the wash bay and let the wash system do the work!


Rollover & Gantry Truck Wash System
Wheel, Tire, & Chassis Wash System

Wheel, Tire, & Chassis Wash System

A high-pressure, environmentally friendly truck wash solution perfect for removing dirt, grime, construction debris, and road salt from trucks working at job sites with pollutants. EKAMININGSOLUTIONS is a leader in designing and engineering effective solutions to wash and decontaminate the tires and under chassis of trucks and other heavy-duty equipment leaving job sites such as:

Choose between:

  • Landfills
  • Steel Mills
  • Quarries
  • Chemical plants

From dust control to heavy mud removal, we have the ideal solution for tire and under-chassis washing.


Single Brush Wash System

A mobile truck fleet wash system that offers an effective, low-cost upgrade to manual washing. The Alpha 500 single brush wash machine includes a large single brush mounted on a machine that can be driven around commercial trucks to speed up your cleaning routines. Features of this state-of-the-art fleet wash system include:

Choose between:

  • Diesel motor unit
    (for outdoor use)
  • 24V batteries
    (for indoor use)
  • And more!
  • Silencer unit for
    diesel engine
  • Steering

This efficient truck wash solution effectively reduces manual labor costs with wash cycles under 10 minutes!

Single Brush Wash System

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