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Air Washers

We are leading manufacturer and exporter of Evaporative Air Cooling globally. . The products which come under this category are Evaporative Air Cooling- Single Skin and Evaporative Air Cooling- Double Skin.

We offer superior quality , Industrial Air Washer Unit that work on the principle of cooling the air by passing it over water-saturated pads, water evaporates and results in cooling of air,. The cool air is then directed into the ventilated area, . Air Washer Unit is a very energy-efficient means of cooling.

Air Washer System with cellulose paper pads, cross sectional, specially treated fluid media capable of absorbing and retaining water to provide the maximum cooling efficiencies. The cooling pad is cross-corrugated to maximize the mixing of air and water and eliminate water carryover.

Why Our Air Washers?

  • Low power consumption
  • Simple structure
  • Helps to clean air
    Increases humidity
  • Helps to reduce temperature in summers
  • Low maintenance
  • We offers Single skin and double skin unit,

Direct and Indirect cooling units with two or three stages of coolings,

An advanced two-stage evaporative cooler uses 100 percent outdoor air and a variable speed blower to circulate cool air. Two-stage evaporative coolers can reduce energy consumption by 60 to 75 percent over conventional air conditioning system

Air Washer are available from 2000 m3/hr to 3,00,000 m3/hr capacity


  • MCC rooms
  • Industrial work
  • Tunnel ventilation
  • Basements
  • Crusher houses
  • Exhaust fan systems
  • Thermal power station