Reverse Pulse Jet Bag House Dust Collectors

Ekaminingsolutions Reverse Pulse Jet Bag House Dust Collectors provided by us are Centralized dust collecting solution for industries where dust is emitted from most of the processing machines inside the factory. Placing a dust collector besides each processing machine is not a good idea which will be more expensive and occupies space too, to avoid these difficulties Bag house dust collectors are made as an outdoor dust collector which can be connected to N number of processing machine through centralized ducting system.

 We use the vertical space above the floor level of the factory to avoid occupying floor space. Our Bag house dust collectors are constructed in such a way to withstand tough environments.

Ekaminingsolutions provides world class quality of the bag filters with various bag configurations and wide range of sizes. The bag filters are the most resourceful devices, and also helps in saving the environment. The Pulse Jet system in Dust Collector is a state of the art system.

 It will operate at a relatively constant pressure drop between the clean and dirty sides of the filter element providing a relatively constant flow of air for the process this automatic filter cleaning system to make the dust collector maintenance free. Controlling systems are easy to handle and operate which makes the total system as user friendly. Customizations as per the customer need is possible so our Bag house Dust collector can be suited for vast kind of dusts like sticky, corrosive, explosive, etc.