Coal Vehicle covering system

Coal Vehicle covering system in India

Coal transportation should be in covered vehicles for several reasons, including:

Environmental protection: Coal dust can be harmful to the environment, particularly when it is released into the air or water. Covering coal during transportation can help prevent dust from escaping into the environment and causing pollution.

Health protection: Coal dust can also be harmful to human health, particularly when it is inhaled. Covering coal during transportation can help protect workers and other individuals who may come into contact with the coal from exposure to coal dust.

Improved safety: Covering coal during transportation can also help prevent accidents by reducing the risk of coal falling off the vehicle and creating hazards for other vehicles or pedestrians.

Reduced loss: Covering coal during transportation can help prevent loss of the product due to wind, rain or other natural factors.

Regulatory compliance: Many regions have regulations around covering coal transportation to reduce environmental and health impacts. Compliance with these regulations is an important aspect of operating a responsible business.

Overall, transporting coal in covered vehicles can help protect the environment, human health, and safety, as well as comply with regulatory requirements and reduce the risk of product loss.

Advantage of Coal covering systems for Vehicles :
• Prevent Dust exposure to the functioning staff
• Reduce Dust pollution

• Extend life of the maintenance

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