Driver Fatigue Monitoring System Model: AC 21 DFMS

Driver Fatigue Monitoring System Model

Driver Fatigue Monitoring System is designed to accurately predict and identify situations where drowsiness and fatigue may be setting into a driver.
It also alerts to drivers to take other necessary steps to ensure their general safety along with safetyof other drivers.
The most important function of driver fatigue monitor is to let the drivers understand they are actually in fatigue driving and raise their alertness level. Once the monitor detects the driver is drowsy, it will send a warning immediately to the driver.
Our system monitors the pupils of the driver and makes alert sound accordingly, in a human voice.
Works around the clock, both in the dark or the sun, Works with sunglasses or prescription glasses.
Leading face recognition technology.
Mesh membrane pupil detection technology detects open but sleepy eyes.
In addition to fatigue driving, if the driver does not focus on driving the system will respond.