Easy Techniques for Electric Motor Maintenance

  • Establishing a well-executed preventive maintenance program is crucial for ensuring the dependable and long-lasting operation of electric motors. All electrical equipment, including electric motors, requires planned inspection and maintenance to keep them in optimal working condition. By implementing routine motor inspections at scheduled intervals throughout their lifespan, potential issues can be identified and addressed, preventing severe damage to the machinery.
  • Periodic inspections play a vital role in preventing critical breakdowns and minimizing unscheduled production stoppages or lengthy repair shutdowns. Downtime can significantly impact production timelines, making it essential to conduct regular motor inspections to achieve optimal operating results.
  • To facilitate an effective preventive maintenance program, it is important to implement detailed checks and maintain comprehensive records for all motors on site. Each motor should be assigned a unique identification number, and a record log should be maintained, documenting the motor’s brand, inspection dates, and descriptions of any repairs conducted. Keeping accurate records enables the identification of the causes of breakdowns, helps diagnose faults, and reduces ongoing problems.
  • Before performing any checks, it is crucial to refer to the manufacturer’s technical documentation to ensure adherence to recommended procedures. Several simple routine and maintenance checks can contribute to prolonging the life of three-phase motors. These checks include reviewing the service history, conducting noise and vibration inspections, performing visual inspections, testing windings, maintaining brushes and commutators, and ensuring proper bearing lubrication.
  • Inspection and servicing should follow a systematic approach. The frequency and thoroughness of inspections may vary depending on factors such as the motor’s importance, usage, and environmental conditions. Therefore, an inspection schedule should be flexible and adapted to meet the specific needs of each plant.

Outlined below are the recommended checks and routine maintenance tasks for electric motors:

Frequent Checks:

    1. Clean the motor to remove dust or oil.
    2. Ensure the oil rings turn with the shaft.
    3. Check the oil level in the bearings.
    4. Visually inspect for oil and grease leaks from bearings.
    5. Examine the starter switch, fuses, and tighten any loose connections.

Every 6 Months:

    1. Clean the motor by blowing out dirt from windings and wiping the commutator and brushes.
    2. Visually inspect the commutator clamping ring.
    3. Replace brushes that are more than half worn.
    4. Examine and clean dirty brush holders.
    5. Check brush pressure and position.
    6. Remove, clean, and replace oil in sleeve bearings.
    7. Check the grease in a ball or roller bearings.
    8. Verify operating speed(s).
    9. Inspect and tighten loose connections.
    10. Test the current input and compare it with normal values.
    11. Visually check the drive for smooth running and absence of vibration.
    12. Inspect motor foot bolts.


    1. Remove and renew grease in a ball or roller bearings.
    2. Test insulation.
    3. Clean any magnetic dirt attached to the poles.
    4. Check the clearance between the shaft and journal boxes of sleeve-bearing motors.
    5. Inspect the commutator for smoothness and slot damage.
    6. Examine connections of commutator and armature coils.
    7. Inspect armature bands.

                                                                                                                                                             How Eka Mining Solution Can Assist You:

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