Fixed Clean Agent Gas Based Fire Suppression System

Fixed Clean Agent Gas Based Fire Suppression System

When it comes to protecting critical and valuable assets, nothing comes close to FM Approved clean agent. Heptafloropropane or HFC227 is a liquefied compressed, colourless, odourless and electrically non-conductive gas suitable for use in total flooding and local application fire suppression systems.

CG102 fire suppression systems require no power for detection or to operate. detection tubing is installed throughout the risk areas of the enclosure, providing fast and effective detection. Upon flame impingement or high ambient temperature, the pressurized detection tube ruptures with a burst at the hottest point. The extinguishing agent is then discharged from the connected cylinder through the burst hole at the heart of the fire.

CG102 leaves no residues and has acceptable toxicity for used in enclosed spaces.

CG102 extinguishes a fire by combination of chemical and physical mechanisms. CG102 does not displace Oxygen and therefore, is safe for use in occupied spaces without fear of Oxygen deprivation.

Low global warming potential (GWP), short atmospheric life and zero Ozone depleting potential (ODP) makes CG102 an ideal clean agent fire suppressant.

Meets the highest quality standards and approved by FM
Environmentally safe and Ozone friendly having zero ODP
Does not leave any residues or damage assets.
For use in enclosed and open areas.
Low global warming potential (GWP).
Stored as a liquid and discharged as gaseous vapor.
Size available 2Kg, 4Kg, 6Kg and 9Kg.