Wet & Dry Industrial Vacuum cleaners

Ekaminingsolutions Nova Three phase dry industrial vacuum cleaner has been specifically designed to withstand the demands of industrial environments. Dynavac Nova Vacuum cleaners are designed to capture tough heavy dust. The non-woven dust bags are used here as a filter media and these are better suited for certain types of dust than cartridge filters. The Nova® series industrial vacuum cleaners have larger storage capacities and can be used for waste removal or raw material collection for reuse These Nova® Series Heavy Duty Industrial Vacuum Cleaners are available in a range starting from 1 HP to 25 HP and are designed to run 24/7 hours operation and can handle the most difficult of cleaning jobs. The Nova® series industrial vacuum cleaners are used to Clean and collect dust from control panels, Roof, Floor cleaning, Machine Cleaning. Ring frame cleaning, Autoconer, Cleaning. Nova dry type three phase industrial vacuum cleaners are widely used in textile industries, activated carbon industries, pharmaceutical, FMCG, Automobile industries, Tea / Coffee industries, wood, powder coating etc.