Pre Start Warning System(PSW) Model: PSAH-01A

Pre-Start Warning System(PSW) Model: PSAH-01A

As per safety norms, Workers working near conveyor belt should be made alert with clear and distinct sound before conveyor belt is started. The alarm should work for at least 30 seconds so that the workers near the belt should move to the safety place. This time can be increased depending upon the situations. This type of Pre-Start Alarm must be installed in every conveyer belt.

In our Pre-Start Alarm, we have used the audio as well as visual indicator for the night.

We hold the ISO 9001:2015, Quality Assurance Certificate for our product range.

                                            TECHNICAL SPECIFICATION
CIRCUITRSolid State using IC’s, Diodes, Transistors, Resistor, dust and water
CONTACTS10 Amps. Which operate the starter of the Conveyor Belt.
VISUALCluster of focus Red LED light having current consumption of 20 milli ampere and giving high illumination..
AUDIOSpeakers of 120 dB gain with output of 150 watts, horn type water proof and dust proof.
INPUT SUPPLYIdeally 110, 230 & 550 V A.C., + 10% Please specify in the order clearly