Synergy Spray Systems provides rugged, low maintenance and ever lasting dry Fog dust suppression misting / fogging cannon systems designed and engineered as per customer requirement to meet the unique operating environment.

Mist cannon dust suppression system is a mobile dust suppression equipment designed and manufactured by synergy spray system offers unmatched performance and longer life span compared to the cannons available in the market. Fogg cannons are the best choice for dust control measures dring demolition of buildings and construction dust control.

Advantage of Fog Cannons:
Close to 99% reduction efficiency of PM10 and PM2.5 dust particles.
Less than 0.5% moisture by volume added to the product.
Modular design capability for future expansion of fog cannon systems.
Low installation costs with no expensive plant modifications required.

Options Available:
Standalone fog Cannons with Manual Swivel Option.
Standalone fog Cannons with Automatic Swivel Option.
Standalone fog Cannons with Remote Control Tilting and Turning Option.
Dust Suppression Tank system mounted on Truck.
Mist Cannon with Tank

Dust, if not oversaw adequately, can lessen usefulness, genuinely affect operational expenses, dirty the air we inhale and threaten the security of laborers and surrounding areas.

Fog cannons are a compelling choice for dust suppression and water dissipation in mines, quarries, building locales, destruction destinations, construction sites, demolition sites and other industrial territories. This is on the grounds that they can be effectively set up, are convenient and are ideal for handling apparent dust.

As industry pioneers in dust control, Synergy Spray is focused on conveying the most operationally strong and practical arrangements. Remembered for our supplement of dust control arrangements is a scope of mist guns.

A Fog cannon siphons highly compressed water through a progression of fog nozzles, transforming water into fog through atomization. This fine fog is scattered through the air by an incredible fan. At the point when airborne dust particles crash into the fog, dust particles are caught, and along with water because of expanded weight, it returns to the source and doesn’t get an opportunity to spread.

Synergy Spray’s mist cannons can be deliberately positioned close to dust producing sources, for example, tip territories, streets or stacking areas, to accomplish powerful dust suppression. They can be auto actuated by controllers, radar sensors, climate sensors or remote control. The measure of water being utilized by the guns can likewise be completely controlled to enhance water utilization.

Mist guns are ordinarily slip mounted or mounted on a trailer for simplicity of portability. They can act naturally fueled through consideration of an in-constructed diesel generator. Synergy Spray supplies cannons in various sizes, with various water release range that can be either fixed or wavering. Numerous fans can be interlinked on bigger locales for simplicity of activity and control.