Wet Scrubber

Commercial Single Phase Vacuum Cleaners

We Ekaminingsolutions are the leading manufacturer of venturi Wet scrubber in India for various industrial Process applications and also where there are a chance of sparking dust catching fire or creating an explosion. Ekaminingsolutions Venturi Wet Scrubbers are tailor-made as per the customer’s process application to capture the Dust particles, Chemical Fumes, High-temperature fumes, VOCs, etc., The major part in designing Venturi scrubber for any particular process application is Machine Size, Machine Design, Scrubbing liquid, Material of Construction. 

Venturi scrubber works on the principle of the absorption and venturi effect, where the dirty gas and scrubbing liquid (In general, water is mainly used as a scrubbing liquid for quenching or scrubbing the particles) is made to pass through a confined throat of the venturi where both come in contact so closely and forms a large number of droplets, thereby creating a large area for the dust particles to get absorbed to liquid droplets. 

A typical Venturi Scrubber system incorporates, A scrubbing Chamber with a Venturi throat to facilitate particle collection. A centrifugal fan, Recirculating pump, Jet Flow Spraying System, Mist eliminator pad, and Exhaust Chimney.