Flush Pumps


Industrial Duty Flushed Manifold Pumps for Low Lubricity and High-Temperature Applications

Flush pumps are used for low lubricity liquids (Deionized water) and liquids with elevated temperatures. Like all standard plunger pumps, a flushed manifold pump is configured with an inlet and outlet port. However, on a flushed manifold pump, the manifold is also designed with an inlet and outlet flushing port to circulate liquid between the high pressure and low-pressure seals to extend seal life and reduce pump maintenance. Cat pumps flush-style pump models are indicated with the letter “C” or “K” at the end of the model number (i.e., 781K).

Benefits of flushed manifold pumps include:

  • Greatly increases seal life when used with low lubricity fluids such as deionized (Di) water
  • Cools seals, which extends seal life in applications with elevated pumped liquid temperatures
  • Reduces thermal load on ceramic plungers, reducing the likelihood of cracking or pitting


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