TEG Pumps


Triethylene glycol (TEG) dehydration is the most common method of removing water from natural gas. The TEG can be up to 240 F, which is very demanding on the components within the system. Cat Pumps’ specially-modified pumps using a proprietary seal design are engineered to run in the most demanding and heavily-used dehydration systems.

Cat Pumps has spent years working with engineers and maintenance professionals in the natural gas industry to develop the best solution for the TEG dehydration application. After extensive research & development and field testing, Cat Pumps launched this industry-changing product the first quarter of 2011. The product line is expanding to meet the variety of demands for TEG Dehydration. Pumps are readily available for 0.5 – 25 GPM and can be fitted with brass or 316 stainless steel manifolds. A full-line of product accessories are available and pumps can be built into a custom-engineered system.


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